Dough and Glory

— Delicious and convenient, pizza dough delivered to your door step

Brought to you by the Millennium Dough Company, a business with over 20 years of food production experience, their no knead, frozen dough is second to none. They supply prestigious restaurants across London and the UK with their dough and have recently launched the Dough Box for customers to enjoy their restaurant quality dough at home. Using the highest quality flour, the sourdough undergoes a long fermentation period to bring out the flavour of the dough. With portions to create individual 12 inch pizzas, the dough is easy to use and creates stunning, restaurant tasting results.

Whether you’re cooking for yourself or friends and family, simply stretch out the dough on a floured or semolina topped surface, add your toppings of choice and bake in your conventional or pizza oven. You’ll be delighted with the result!

We’ll deliver straight to your door so you can make delicious pizza in your own home, whenever you’re ready.

£18 for 12 dough balls plus delivery across the UK. Use the following promo code to gain this price HOMEPIZZAOVEN5.