The BIB Wine Company

— The first ever luxury Bag-in-Box wine

Featured as ‘the first ever luxury Bag-in-Box wine’ by Adrian Smith of the Independent, The BIB Wine Company is a premium Bag-in-Box wine company, focused on creating a sustainable future for wine and representing the changing face of quality wine in the UK.

Founded by the Lea siblings who believe everybody should be able to enjoy fine wine any way they want. The BIBs (Bag-in-Box®) suit any lifestyle with practical, financial, and environmental benefits (BIBs have a carbon footprint that is up to 10 times less than the bottle!). Want to enjoy a single glass, but reluctant to open a bottle? Having a dinner party, but not sure how much wine you need? Boxes are perfect. Have however much you want, whenever you want, without wasting a drop.

BIB Wine believe that wine is best when it expresses its environment and the talents of the winemaker. It’s all about care, passion and love of wine, not heavy-handed industrial methods. From planting vines to creating finished wines their winemakers all share a love for the land and use a low intervention approach. All the wines are low in chemical inputs and are made using sustainable and traditional methods.

By working closely with these winemakers BIB Wine also support the local communities and help protect the knowledge and traditions they hold.

Each wine in the BIB Wine selection is a star in its own right – those wines that once discovered you just have to tell your friends about. Leading this effort is founding partner and renowned wine expert Justin Howard-Sneyd MW. Justin has already revolutionised the quality of wine available in the UK, makes award winning wines himself, and is a Member of Council at the Institute of Masters of Wine.

The BIB Wine Company wines each tell a story; they are full of heart and spirit, a tonic for your soul and a treat for your tastebuds.