— Exceptional British Charcuterie

The Real Cure was founded in 2014 by head charcutier James Smart. Their award winning products are the perfect accompaniment to delicious home-made pizzas.

Cured meats from free-range native pigs and sustainably sourced wild venison, The Real Cure use traditional, artisan curing, air drying and smoking techniques to create award-winning British charcuterie.

Top quality meat is the most important ingredient in charcuterie. Their free-range pigs produce wonderfully marbled meat with just the right amount of fat, creating mouth-watering meats, chorizo and salami’s that create perfect toppings for home-made pizzas. Their beef is sourced from grass-fed Aberdeen Angus that graze on Jurassic Coast Farm located in Dorset, producing outstanding bresaola.

All produce is local and responsibly sourced.  Their venison grazes on a varied and natural diet across the Dorset countryside producing flavoursome and healthy meat.