Vigne Marina Coppi, `Fausto` Timorasso


Vigne Marina Coppi was established in 2003 in the town of Castellania, the birthplace of Marina’s father Fausto, one of the greatest cyclists of the 20th century. The family has taken the traditional heritage of the area and applied a modern approach in the winery to produce wines of excellent quality. The estate has concentrated on the native varieties of Timorasso, Favorita, Barbera, Nebbiolo and Croatina and works on a small scale with four hectares of vineyard to ensure the quality of the vines shows through. Parents Marina and Giovanni work closely with son Francesco and his wife Anna, using sustainable methods in the vineyard and employing great expertise in the winery.

Note:  A minimum order of 12 wine bottles is required – can be mixed.

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This wine is dedicated to the two Marinas in the family: Marina Coppi and her grand-daughter Marina Bellocchio, who was born on the eve of Coppi’s first harvest. Favorita is a local variety – a clone of Vermentino brought to Piemonte from Liguria.

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