Fernus Stove top Pizza Oven in Pure Polished Aluminium – Big Sale!


Fernus Stovetop pizza oven – Pure Polished Aluminium, a non-stick coating reminiscent of cast iron.

Ideal for indoor use on your gas oven or outside on your rocket stove or gas BBQ, the Fernus heats up to a blistering  350 degrees Celsius within 10 minutes.  This is hotter than conventional domestic electric ovens and will bake in style similar to an authentic pizza oven.


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What’s in the box?

A cordierite pizza stone, and a pizza scoop (peel) are included with Fernus as standard. The stone guarantees a crispy base for your pizza.

How does the Fernus work?

Fernus has an angled underside which allows the heat of the flames to flow around the chamber. The air circulation ensures an even bake.

Place Fernus in the most suitable spot on your gas oven, preferably on the wok ring (see also ‘Placement of Fernus’). Light the oven and the reading on the thermometer will increase very quickly and after as few as 10 minutes, a temperature of up to 350 °C can be reached.

Fernus have developed accessories especially for FERNUS that are available separately. With the SnackRack you use Fernus for gratin or for air frying. They have also developed a SmokeSet to use Fernus as a smoker. Use your creativity and cook dishes very quickly at 350 degrees or go slow and smoke or steam on a small fire with 70 degrees. Many cooking methods are possible!

What’s the oven made of?

FERNUS is made of cast aluminium. We love aluminium as a raw material to make beautiful products because aluminium is abundantly present and can be melted endlessly into new products. FERNUS consists of a bottom, a top cover, a lid and a cap. The sealing cap is replaced by the ChipFeeder when using Fernus as a smoker. A cordierite pizza stone, a thermometer and a handy scoop (peel) complete FERNUS. All FERNUS parts are available separately and can be replaced if necessary.

The handle of the pizza scoop (peel) can also be used to remove Fernus accessories from the oven.


Fernus has similar dimensions to a wok or a large frying pan

  • WEIGHT: 4,5 KG
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: 40 °C – 350 °C

Safe usage of the Fernus

Within a matter of minutes, Fernus can reach temperatures of up to 350 °C. Cooking at such high temperatures is awesome, of course, but it can also be dangerous, requiring caution and a bit of practice. Fernus was built for indoor use on your gas oven or outdoor on the flames of your gas burner or rocket stove. Fernus can be used safely as long as these 3 basic rules are followed:

  1. Stability – Fernus must always be positioned evenly and stable. Before use, please ensure all components are in the right place. Test Fernus’ stability before use. In case of doubt: do not use Fernus. Use the PitStand accessory, sold separately, to improve Fernus’ stability.
  2. Heat Management – Fernus gets very hot during use, not just on the inside but on the outside as well. The emitted heat must be absorbed by heat-resistant material or by leaving a sufficient amount of free space around Fernus. Check Fernus’ environment during first use and give Fernus adequate time to cool after use. Use the PitStand accessory to increase the distance between Fernus and the supporting surface underneath. While in use, only touch Fernus’ rubber handle to open the door. Make sure to wear oven mitts for this.
  3. Supervision – Never leave Fernus unattended while in use and ensure children keep their distance.

Where can the Fernus be used?

  1. INSIDE – Use on a gas oven (hob), ideally with a wok gas ring – Fernus can be used safely on a 5-ring freestanding gas stove with a central work ring of approx. 2.5 to 5 kW. The operating buttons are placed at the front of the stove, protecting them against the radiant heat.
  2. INSIDE – Use on a built-in gas oven with a removable pan stand – Does your built-in gas stove consist of a glass plate with gas ring on top or a solid worktop with round gas rings? We developed the PittStand especially for this usage scenario. Because the iron pan holders in this type of stoves are also round, Fernus can be better positioned when using the PitStand. The PitStand ensures your Fernus can be placed freely over the gas flame. The PitStand also increases the distance to the glass plate or worktop, so that they are less affected by radiant heat coming down. Fernus can be used safely on built-in gas stoves with a central work ring of approx. 2.5 to 5 kW. The surface or worktop underneath must be made from a heat-resistant material capable of handling the radiant heat, such as glass, granite, or natural stone.
  3. OUTSIDE – Fernus is very suitable for outdoor use. A mobile 1-ring gas stove usually allows the radiant heat to dissipate very well. It is particularly important to ensure Fernus’ stable positioning.

How hot can the Fernus get?

We recommend not heating FERNUS beyond 350 degrees Celsius. This is more than hot enough for all intended purposes. If you heat it any further than that, you risk warming the metal or otherwise deforming the underside.

Tips and tricks

  1. Making pizzas requires practice and will not immediately go great. But don’t worry and persevere. Rome wasn’t built in a day!
  2. Use dough balls of approx. 200 grams and stretch them to a diameter of approx. 27 centimetres.
  3. It is important that you allow sufficient time for Fernus to heat up. The thermometer will respond immediately, but the stone needs a little time to heat through.
  4. The pizza stone has a light colour and will darken with use due to burnt oil and food residue. And that is absolutely fine! In fact, given the proper care, the stone will only get better over time.
  5. Don’t stretch your pizza base beyond 27 centimetres, you can always use your pizza scoop for guidance.
  6. Use dough at room temperature as it will be more elastic and easier to work with.
  7. Don’t leave uncooked dough products on the scoop for too long, because the longer it remains on the scoop, the harder it will be to shove into the oven.
  8. Use corn and rice flour to allow your pizza to slide off the scoop onto the stone. Trust us, do this! These types of flour won’t burn as quickly, making the process much easier.
  9. During initial practice attempts, you could always leave your pizza the cook on the scoop for the first minute or so. After that minute inside a preheated Fernus, your pizza will slide onto the stone much more easily and the contact with the stone will make the base lovely and crispy.
  10. With Fernus you can cook one item after the other, because dough products will finish cooking in as little as 4 minutes. As soon as one dish is ready, you can move on to the next. However, do not leave Fernus empty at a high temperature for more than 15 minutes. Doing so might cause it to overheat.
  11. Fernus is excellent for baking bread but do ensure your bread is no higher than about 7 centimetres, otherwise it will touch the thermometer and the air won’t be able to circulate optimally.

Cleaning and maintenance

Allow FERNUS to cool off for about an hour before picking it up. Never try to cool it by putting it in cold water! Wash the oven by hand (use a nylon scouring sponge or a mild detergent if needed). You can also leave FERNUS to soak in warm water and wash it after. FERNUS should not be put in the dishwasher. The polish of the pure polished aluminium version can easily be restored using steel wool and polish.

Wait until the stone has completely cooled down before cleaning it. Wipe the pizza stone with a dry kitchen towel or wet kitchen sponge. No detergents needed. Remove any burnt bits of cheese, dough, or sauce using a spatula or putty knife. For stubborn dirt, you can use a stainless steel scouring sponge. Beware! Regular use will cause the pizza stone to look blotchy. This is unavoidable and will not affect operation or cooking results. NEVER put the pizza stone in the dishwasher.




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