Outdoor Chef Australia 425G Gas Barbecue


Australia is famous for its great barbecue lifestyle. This is the inspiration behind the great OUTDOOR CHEF AUSTRALIAN LINE, offering high-quality and reliable products.

In addition, a robust and easily manoeuvrable trolley supports a large cooking and preparation area. Moreover, the indestructible cast iron burners retain the heat and distribute it evenly throughout the grill chamber. Above all, the integrated thermometer allows you to keep a close eye on the temperature, while the flame shields developed especially for this barbecue system reduces flare-ups.

The Australia 425 Gas ensures a perfect barbecue experience on your patio. The barbecue combines original barbecuing with robustness and functionality. The core of the Australia 425 Gas is the four main burners under the grill surface. These provide a total output of 21kW to quickly and efficiently heat the 64 x 44.5 cm grill surface with high-quality cast-iron barbecue grids. Above all, the Australia 425 Gas offers lots of flexibility for barbecuing. For instance, the choice of working with direct or indirect heat. It is also possible to quickly switch between these two barbecuing methods. For direct grilling, simply ignite all four main burners. This provides heat directly from below across the entire grill surface. To use indirect heat, ignite only the two outer burners.

Place the food to be grilled in the centre area to allow the heat from the two side burners to rise and circulate around the food in the middle.This barbecue also features an additional side cooking plate integrated in the side shelf. Finally, the two side tables with integrated tool holders provide lots of storage options. They can be folded away to allow space-saving storage of the barbecue. In addition, the four lockable castor wheels ensure easy transportation in your garden or on the patio.

Supplied With A 37Mbar Clip On Propane Gas Hose And Regulator.

Product Information:

    • 4-burner system made from durable stainless steel for perfect distribution of heat, with electric one-touch ignition; including a side cooking plate
    • 4-part cast iron cooking grid, including a warming rack
    • Elegant black colour, enclosed and robust design, with storage space in the bottom cupboard
    • Folding side shelves with tool holder
    • 4 lockable castor wheels
    • Cover with integrated thermometer
    • Grill area: 64 x 44.5 cm
    • Working height: 90 cm
    • Weight: 54.0 kg
    • Dimensions in cm: H 117 x W 139 x D 56
    • Burner output: 21 kW


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