Outdoor Chef Davos 570 Gas Kettle Barbecue


With its stylish design, the Outdoor Chef Davos 570 barbecue has been designed with a 1 burner system. This features integrated ignition in the control knob. To the side of this fantastic barbecue you will find to large side shelf. This is perfect  for preparing foods and keeping your tools close, these shelves also folds in for easy storage.

Designed with an easy to open and close lid with a aluminium lid hinge, the hood features a temperature gauge. This allows you to control the cooking temperature perfectly. Additionally, underneath the barbecue body there is a base frame with a high quality textile cladding. Manufactured on top of 2 wheels meaning you can easily transport your barbecue around the garden or patio with ease.

Above all, featuring the well known Outdoor Chef funnel cooking system which allows for both direct and indirect grilling. This ensures you get the most from your barbecue – what ever you cooking. If your looking for a barbecue which is easy to use and easy to clean then this is the model for you!

For grilling at very high temperatures the upper funnel is placed in the kettle with the small opening at the top. This creates high, concentrated heat in the middle of the cooking grill or griddle.

For indirect barbecuing and roasting, the upper funnel is placed inside the kettle with the large opening pointing upwards. The heat from the gas burner rises up along the sides of the kettle, distributing an even, indirect heat from all sides. Moreover, with the lid closed, there’s no need to turn the food at all throughout the cooking process. Ideal, for example, for steaming vegetables or simmering a roast. The Davos 570 is the best BBQ for hassle free food!

Whether grilling, cooking or baking, the unique funnel system ensures even heat distribution within the ball. It prevents harmful grease fires, as the burners are completely shielded. Additionally, dripping fat does not ignite, it runs along the porcelain-enamelled funnel into the drip tray under the ball. So nothing can burn anymore. Moreover, hosts can relax and devote themselves to their guests while the grill specialties are grilled to perfection, as no turning is required. Meat, fish, vegetables & Co. stay particularly juicy, tender and crunchy. Because some of the fat and meat juice hitting the funnel evaporates, meat, fish and vegetables acquire an inimitable grill flavour. The Davos 570 G creates the perfect conditions for uncomplicated, varied and healthy barbecue enjoyment.

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Outdoor Chef Gas Kettle Funnel System Explained

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