Outdoor Chef Tong


EAN: 7611984017804

SKU: 14.112.55


The new TONG from OUTDOOR CHEF, with their practical closing mechanism and serrated tips, ensure a firm grip at all times. The additional spoon function makes it easy to serve sauces. The rubber-coated handle has a pleasant feel, gives a secure hold and prevents slipping when turning the food to be grilled.

  • Functional button mechanism.
  • The Outdoorchef pliers have serrated gripping shovels, lets you has everything under control.
  • Also have the gripping scoops a spoon function, where the draw of sauces packages.
  • The rubber grip soft hard moderate, feel good keeps hold and prevents the problem of your thumb slipping off while turning on the meat.
  • Made of stainless steel and plastic

3.8 × 5 × 45 cm



Handle size

90cm, 120cm