Rossofuoco Nonna Luisa


The Rossofuoco Nonna Luisa is a superb wood-fired oven designed to cater for family pizza baking sessions of 4 pizzas at a go. Constructed using Rossofuoco smoke system whereby the chimney is located at the front of the cooking chamber, creating a more consistent heat within the oven. By doing so, the heat does not go out immediately so the ovens stay warm longer.

The refractory bricks are not in direct contact with the base of the oven but they are a little bit raised. In this way the bricks are more stable and there is a layer of air serving as insulation. This design ensures that the bricks stay warm longer.

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Colours: Red, Copper


Available in the Top or Top + table version.



    • Wood Fuelled
    • Pizza capacity: 3 to 4 pizzas
    • Pizza cooking time: 2 minutes
    • Heating time: 30-40 minutes
    • Raised refractory bricks
    • Fuel: available in wood or gas fuel source
    • Max oven temperature: 1000 degrees F
    • Chimney dimensions: 7.0”
    • Cooking Floor: 800cm x 600cm
    • Available in Top version or  Top version + base







DOWNLOAD: Rossofuoco Manual >

DOWNLOAD: How does the Rossofuoco work? >


Red, Copper


With Black Base, With Stainless Steel Base, Without Base

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