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With the Pit Cover, you are able to convert your FirePit into a handy table where you can place your snacks and drinks, while protecting your grill ring from the elements when the FirePit is not in use. Once you are ready for some serious flame cooking, simply lift the Pit Cover and get that fire started.

This accessory will protect the carbon steel ring from rust, snow, rain, dirt and debris. The Pit Cover is made out of heavy duty 3 mm thick corten steel. This type of steel will rust on the outside where it is in contact with the elements, but will keep the ring dry and clean on the inside.

The Pit cover is already assembled so you can go back to cooking amazing wood-fired food as soon as possible.

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The Pit Cover is made entirely from 3mm-thick (0.12in) Corten steel sheets.
Corten is a steel alloy that forms a protective layer of rust on its surface. When you order our Pit Cover, you will receive it without any rust. As soon as you place it on top of the Firepit outside, where it will be subject to different weather conditions, the rusting process will set in on the outside. Depending on where you live, the process of turning from blank to rusty steel can take between a few months up to a year.

The steel is meant to rust in order to form a protective coating. In the first phase of the rusting process, some flakes of rust might come loose, but after a while this will stop and the Pit Cover will get its final look.


Size matters
The Pit cover is: 60×56,5×3 cms.
The weight is: ) 9,2 kg.





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