Amazing fresh truffles and truffles products sourced across Europe

Fresh truffles as well as truffle oils, a range of condiments and preserved truffles too.

Based in the Cotswolds, TruffleHunter source fresh truffles from across Europe and also manufacture truffle products in small batches, including truffle oils, a range of condiments and preserved truffles.  They work with some of the UK’s leading chefs and supplier truffle products to customers located around the world.

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Essential information

Every fresh truffle is individually checked before it’s sent and carefully packed in an insulated box to ensure they arrive fresh and in optimum condition. However, it’s important to unwrap your truffles from their packaging as soon as they arrive.

The truffles delivered are fresh and may still have a fine covering of soil or sand from when they were first unearthed. Washing under a cold tap for a few seconds, then drying gently, won’t affect the truffle’s flavour.

Sometimes there may be a trace of light ‘bloom’ on the surface – this happens naturally when the truffles are exposed to the air for the first time. Simply brush it away lightly with a soft brush whilst washing under cold running water, then dry the truffles with fresh kitchen paper towel.

Once cleaned, each truffle should be wrapped individually in a fresh sheet of kitchen paper towel. Place the wrapped truffles in a clean, airtight plastic or glass container – a flip-top jar with a tight seal works well.

Change the paper towel every 24 hours and re-wrap. Put back in their container and refrigerate, repeating the process until you are ready to use them.

Fresh truffles at their best should be consumed within 4 to 5 days. The autumn variety of the black truffle, Tuber uncinatum, can retain its flavour for up to two weeks but the highest-quality white and black truffles are best enjoyed within a few days of delivery.