Cornicione Club


Welcome to Cornicione Club, our brand new members-only magazine. With exclusive recipes, tips, offers, interviews and lots more, we’ll ensure you’ll get the most out of your pizza oven. There’s delicious recipes from James Strawbridge and Fabio Errante, with new exciting toppings as well as the classic Italian favourites.

“I could not live without pizza!”

Exclusive series of interview with James Strawbridge

We’re very excited to be working with Cornish chef and author James Strawbridge, son of Dick Strawbridge (from C4’s Escape to the Chateau). A familiar face on TV, we quiz James on his passion and motivation around his style of cookery in an exclusive interview for HPO.

Keep your dough in the fridge

And other top tips

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Authentic Italian Pizza

Tips and recipes from Fabio

We’ve teamed up with Fabio Errante, an experienced pizza chef from Italy. Fabio has baked close to 300,000 pizzas throughout his career and certainly knows a thing or two about the art of creating the perfect pizza. Fabio has created easy to follow tips and recipes, including how to make classic Neapolitan pizza dough.