Acetaia Pedroni, `Cento per Cento` Aceto Balsamico, 25ml


The Pedroni family history in Rubbiara started with an ‘Osteria’ in 1862, but it was after the Second World War that Italo – the fifth generation – started to take the vinegar side of the business to another, more professional level. Using only the best techniques passed down through the family, father to son, and adding his own expertise, the Pedroni name became synonymous with quality. It is now Italo’s son, Giuseppe, who runs the family’s vinegar production and maintains the high standards set by his father.




Very deep in colour, with a dense, syrupy character. The scent is typically complex. The pleasant, well-balanced but lively acidity lifts the palate. The classic flavours balance sweet and sour harmoniously. The Cento per Cento is an ideal dressing for vegetables and rich mixed salads.

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