ETI BlueDOT Bluetooth Thermometer with Alarm


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BlueDOT combines the simplicity of DOT (Digital Oven Thermometer), a top-rated oven alarm thermometer with the connectivity of Bluetooth. This gives you one useful, accurate means of checking the temperature of the dishes while you’re roasting them.

Just set your temperature target on the thermometer or directly on your smartphone and BlueDOT will beep once it reaches the desired level.

Hear your alarms on BlueDOT and your smart device with the free mobile app. The Bluetooth connection also allows you to track max/min temperatures and graph your cook.

  • Bluetooth alarm thermometer to use on your smartphone
  • Perfect for both oven or BBQ use
  • Easy to track alarms, max/min, and graph all from a free app
  • Splash-proof and of commercial standard
  • Comes with a large backlit display digits can be seen from a distance


Blue, White, Red

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