Igneus Pizza Oven Covers


The Igneus pizza oven covers are available to fit the following ovens:

  • Minimo
  • Bambino
  • Classico
  • Pro 600
  • Pro 750

Made from durable canvas, these waterproof covers will protect and keep clean your pizza oven when not in use. All custom covers fit the ovens snugly.

SKU: Igneus Covers



  • The Igneus Minimo cover doubles up as a carry case with the strap system implemented.
  • The Igneus Bambino cover is water resistant and has a shock cord toggle system, as well as an adjustable strap.
  • The Igneus Classico as well as the Pro 600 and Pro 750 covers have a reinforced chimney section, as well as the shock cord toggle and adjustable strap.

Minimo cover, Bambino cover, Classico cover, Pro 600 cover, Pro 750 cover

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