Outdoor Chef Davos 570 Pro Gas Kettle Barbecue


This Davos gas kettle barbecue impresses with its clear lines and modern design. The matt black powder-coated steel cladding gives the premium barbecue a robust and stylish appearance that will coordinate ideally in any outdoor space. A solid aluminium-cast iron hinge creates a premium feel when opening and closing the barbecue. The innovative funnel system with the Gourmet Burner Technology allows continuous temperature adjustment from 80 to 360 degrees. This even heat distribution ensures a consistent temperature over the entire barbecue and on the grid.

From simmering at 80 degrees to low & slow cooking at 110 to 130 degrees or crispy pizza at up to 360 degrees, everything is possible with the Davos. There is no need to turn food on the grill. If you want to really turn up the temperature for the barbecue wok or griddle plate, simply rotate the funnel to the volcano position. The heat is then concentrated at up to 500 degrees. Outdoor Chef proprietary Gas Safety System protects the burners ideally from wind and weather. If a burner is extinguished by the wind, it automatically reignites to prevent any escaping gas.

Finally, the large side shelf is big enough to hold plates and barbecue accessories. It can be quickly reduced in size when the barbecue is not in use. The gas kettle barbecue has two large rubberised wheels for easy manoeuvring on any surface.

Whether grilling, cooking or baking, the unique funnel system ensures even heat distribution within the ball. It prevents harmful grease fires, as the burners are completely shielded. Additionally, dripping fat does not ignite, it runs along the porcelain-enamelled funnel into the drip tray under the ball. So nothing can burn anymore. Moreover, hosts can relax and devote themselves to their guests while the grill specialties are grilled to perfection, as no turning is required. Meat, fish, vegetables & Co. stay particularly juicy, tender and crunchy. Because some of the fat and meat juice hitting the funnel evaporates, meat, fish and vegetables acquire an inimitable grill flavour. The Davos 570 Pro creates the perfect conditions for uncomplicated, varied and healthy barbecue enjoyment.


    • Dimensions (W x D x H): 105 X 69.5 X 114cm
    • Weight: 39.3 kg
    • Working height: 94.0 cm
    • Grill surface: 57cm
    • Burner capacity: 8.5 kW

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Outdoor Chef Gas Kettle Funnel System Explained

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