Mozzarella is the cheese for pizza, right? Light and creamy, it’s designed to become melty, stringy yumminess on our pizzas – where else does it belong? Mozzarella and pizza are made for each other.

How do I use mozzarella on a pizza?

Slice, rip or grate mozzarella, it’s up to you. Sliced and ripped chunks of mozzarella give you mounds of gooey cheese dotted across your pizza. Shredded or grated mozzarella gives you a more even covering of your pizza. No one way is right – you do you.

What other cheese can I use on pizza?

The joy of pizza is there are really no rules. You can put on your pizza whatever takes your fancy. Vegans rave about how good non-animal cheese is on pizza. Talk to the Swiss and they’ll swear gruyère is the best melting cheese, and blue cheeses, especially gorgonzola, have found a comfortable home on many a pizza. And try telling anyone who loves cheese on toast that melted cheddar isn’t food of the gods. Cheddar on pizza is a whole new level.

So can I use cheddar cheese on pizza?

Yes. Lumps of cheddar might not be great on a pizza because it takes a while to melt, but shave or grate it and you have a childhood favourite right there. It’s easy for little hands to manage if you’re braving family pizza making. A bowl of grated cheddar, a pile of bacon bits or ham and sweetcorn and everyone can create a pizza to be proud of.
The cheddar on your pizza will melt beautifully whether you mix it with mozzarella or just go with pure cheddar. What makes cheddar a particular family fav is you can have a mild strength for the less-mature palette and a powerful vintage if you want something with a bit of a kick.

How do I use gorgonzola cheese on pizza?

Prosciutto, caramelised onions and lumps of creamy, flavourful gorgonzola. Hello. This is grown up pizza at its finest. Bite into it and you’re right there, in Naples, looking out to sea, glass of Chianti in hand and all your troubles left behind.
Take it to the next level and add some slices of pear to your gorgonzola pizza. Bliss.

Is gruyère good on a pizza?

Absolutely! This Swiss cheese might not feel like the natural pizza partner but it melts like a dream – it’s the cheese you have in cordon bleu, melted on top of a French onion soup or oozing out from a croque monsieur. It’s so good at melting, there’s a north European version of pizza that uses gruyère as its melting cheese of choice. The flammkuchen is, essentially, a white pizza, using crème fraiche, onions, bacon and gooey gruyère. Stick it with a glass of Alsace white and you’re on to a winner.

Does vegan cheese work on a pizza?

The days of dubious looking lumps of something almost resembling cheese are long gone. Put a vegan mozzarella, vegan cheddar, vegan feta, vegan blue cheese next to their dairy cousins and you’ll be hard pushed to tell the difference.

Made of nut milks, soy proteins, tofu, and other plant-based ingredients, some vegan cheeses are ideal for a meat-free pizza. The vegan mozzarella really does a great job of melting and giving that ‘real’ pizza feel. Well worth a try even if you are a meat eater.

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