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How to choose the right pizza oven!

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How to choose the right home pizza oven!

Price and size of the oven.

Choosing the right home pizza oven should be driven by your love of baking and desire to make the best possible pizza at home, but clearly (and practically), there are obvious factors to consider. First and foremost is the cost of an oven.  Pizza ovens on our site range in price, mainly dictated by the inclusion of a stand and the number of pizzas you want to make within each cooking session.  Most ovens accommodate 2 pizzas cooking alongside one another, but others such as the Alfa Forni Allegro can cook 5 at a time. This may be excessive for the average family but not if you bake pizzas for large groups on a regular basis.  You may feel that cooking one or two pizzas at a time is fine and adds to the sociable experience of preparing food for your family and guests while sipping a cold beer, in which case, you should consider the Alfa Forni One, Alfa Forni 5 Minuti, DeliVita ovens or the Mila 60.  Both the DeliVita range and Mila 60 have colour and stand options available to customise the basic oven.

Heat, weight and portability.

All our ovens get seriously hot.  The perfect temperature to bake a pizza is 450C and all ovens on the site surpass this.  Using the right fuel helps too, we recommend using silver birch logs as they light easily, burn to a high temperature and do not smoke a great deal.  Getting the right temperature is crucial and maintaining a high heat helps deliver a consistent and successful bake.  Whilst pellet fuelled ovens are great, managing the feed of pellets and keeping a high heat is sometimes tricky.

Most ovens are the site are designed for a permanent fixture in your garden, both the Alfa Forni One and the DeliVita can be moved around, although they both weigh around 30kgs to 40kgs!


What do you need to get going?

Once you’ve decided which oven is right for you, it’s best to choose a few accessories to help aid the baking and eating process! Here’s a short-list of recommended items to get you going:

  1. Get the best apron around to protect your clothing while preparing and cooking your pizza.
  2. Choose a few cooking accessories to help prepare your dough and perhaps a cutter to slice your pizza once cooked.
  3. Choose a peel.  This is important.  Check out our guide to choosing the right peel for you.
  4. Order wood to fuel your oven such as silver birch.
  5. Treat yourself with a decent bottle of olive oil for dressings and topping your pizza.
  6. And don’t forget to order lots of Italian wine!

What makes the perfect pizza?

Having all the kit helps but doesn’t necessarily mean that the taste of your dough will be perfect too. There are pizza dough recipes galore out there, and one from Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana dictates exactly how to make the perfect pizza dough is definitely worth trying.  Be brave, experiment, test and learn!  If you’re looking for shop-bought pizza dough, the best we’ve tried is Jus Roll Sourdough Pizza Dough.  An alternative is Northern Pizza Dough Co which is great too.

Pizza toppings create all manner of debate but in our opinion, keep it simple.  The tomato sauce is key and where you can, use marzano tomatoes – they’re simply the best!  Here are ideas to try:

  1. What cheese to use?
  2. White topping pizza recipe.
  3. Best herbs to use on a pizza.